Whether you are struggling to achieve trust and closeness in your relationship, or are embarking on a new chapter as partners, couples therapy may help you.

I offer couples' counseling to address relationship dynamics, communication, family and parenting issues, and life transitions. Couples therapy can also be helpful if you or your partner have had an affair, or are working to repair wounds caused by infidelity.  I work with couples at all stages, from new couples to those who have been together for many years.

I often work with couples in which one (or both) of the partners in the relationship has Asperger's/Autism. I am also experienced working with parents, as they attempt to negotiate the challenges of parenting, and the stresses that parenting can place on a relationship.  I welcome couples of all relationship styles, cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations, including partners in nontraditional relationships. 

My role as a couples therapist is to work collaboratively with both partners, in order to ensure that both people feel heard and understood. Often this work allows us to uncover patterns, both individually and within the relationship, that haven't been addressed before. Couples therapy can also provide practical tools for communication, intimacy, negotiation, and deeper understanding of each other.

In couples therapy, I use techniques from attachment theory, family systems theory, as well as non-violent communication skills, in order to help couples achieve a healthier, more satisfying relationship.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about how couples therapy might help you and your partner.